WP1 - Environmental monitoring(RED)


Objective 1.1

Diagnose and propose essential observation platforms that, based on the existing ones and completed with the use and development of new ones, integrate different tools and technologies that allow the monitoring of the marine ecosystem.

  • Action 1.5: Integrated Marine Data Platform
  • Task 1.1.1: Monitoring of unique betonic biocenoses
  • Task 1.1.2: Monitoring of environmental variables for the characterization of conservation status
  • Task 1.1.3: Wind estimation from EMAs and UAVs observations using machine learning application.
  • Task 1.1.4: Proposal for an integral marine observatory in Oliva-Denia-Javea for biodiversity conservation, global change observation and promotion of the blue economy.
    • In charge: UA4

Objective 1.2

To develop, validate and implement a multi- and interdisciplinary set of tools and/or technologies to significantly improve marine ecosystem monitoring and surveillance, proposing new mechanisms for monitoring the marine environment, strengthening the resilience of marine ecosystems and favoring the creation of surveillance networks and monitoring, restoration and bioremediation services for impacted ecosystems.

  • Action 1.9: trategies to strengthen the resilience of marine ecosystems.
  • Task 1.2.1: Development of physical sensors for measuring environmental variables and sensor nodes and communication protocols.
    • Sensor evaluation and periodic data collection of the main parameters of the water column.
    • In charge: UPV3
    • Participants: UA8UCV1UA4
  • Task 1.2.2: Creation of models of spatio-temporal changes in beaches.
    • Quantification of fluvial sedimentary contributions and human actions that impact beach morphology. Monitoring of the evolution of the coastline and submerged zone.
    • In charge: UPV6
    • Participants: UCV1
  • Task 1.2.3: Concentration and treatment of emerging contaminants in contaminated water by membrane processes (Nanofiltration).
    • Development of a metabolomics system to identify biomarkers in fish through tools based on UHPLC-HRMS in different fish. Development of methods for the identification of microplastics and nanoplastics. Studies of the efficacy of bioindicators of heavy metals and organic pollutants.
    • In charge: UV4
    • Participants: UCV1
  • Tarea 1.2.4: Development of low-energy, low-background electron detectors to measure the accumulation of 45Ca radiotracer in different marine species in controlled ecosystems.
  • Tarea 1.2.5: Study of electrolytic methods in seawater, using mains current and photovoltaic panels.
    • Design and construction of artificial reefs for easy transport and assembly and monitoring of the biofouling community at different stages of succession in harbor and natural environments.
    • In charge: UA2
  • Tarea 1.2.6: Design of an unmanned aerial vehicle for atmospheric observation.
  • Tarea 1.2.7: Environmental monitoring of biodegradable plastic materials.
    • In charge: UA3
    • Participants: UCV1
  • Tarea 1.2.8: Estudios de geofísica en la zona de plataforma proximal.
    • Sísmica de alta resolución y Sonar de Barrido lateral.
    • In charge: UA6

Objective 1.3

Establish a network of continuous coastal monitoring stations and conduct ad hoc research campaigns. Monitor a broad set of physical, chemical, biological and ecosystem variables and various indicators. Conduct experimental research on key species/habitats and control of invasive alien species.

  • Action 1.10: Implementation of a coordinated in-situ coastal monitoring service.
  • Task 1.3.1: Proposal for a plan to monitor and improve marine planning and management.
    • Development of a Marine Observatory to strengthen scientific and technical advice for marine management, planning and planning to achieve a favorable conservation status of marine species and habitats.
    • Participants: UA8UCV1UPV3UA4UA2
  • Task 1.3.2: Development of a network of automatic meteorological stations (EMAs)
  • Task 1.3.3: Consolidation and coordination of a permanent and stable long-term monitoring network of climate change indicators.
    • Establishment of a permanent and stable long-term monitoring network for the presence and evolution of exotic species.
    • In charge: UA8
    • Participants: UCV1
  • Task 1.3.4: Development of a database and artificial intelligence.
  • Task 1.3.5: Citizen science-Transfer of knowledge to society.
    • In charge: WP1

In charge WP

Josep Pardo Pascual

Universitat Politècnica de València

José Tena Medialdea

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Participants WP

César Azorín Molina

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Enrique Nacher González

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Alfonso A. Ramos Espla


Universidad de Alicante

Carlos Sanz Lázaro


Universidad de Alicante

César Bordehore Fontan


Universidad de Alicante

Jose Enrique Tent Manclús


Universidad de Alicante

María Francisca Gimenez Casalduero


Universidad de Alicante

Jaime Lloret Mauri

Universitat Politècnica de València

Valentín Pérez Herranz

Universitat Politècnica de València

Yolanda Pico García


Universidad de Valencia