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The research team is formed by Vicente Andreu Pérez and Dyana Vitale, both with extensive experience in environmental and food science research and provides state-of-the-art technology and analytical services for the determination of contaminants and natural components focusing its activities in the areas of environmental health, food quality and safety as well as risk assessment and the study of human exposure.

The research group addresses in depth the inter- and multidisciplinary aspects of environmental problems by proposing new tools that integrate concepts such as natural capital, flow of the ecosystem services it generates and environmental economics, focusing on the advancement of a relatively new science: environmental forensics. In this field, the group has worked on important advances in systems and models for the control and evaluation of exposure pathways, and in the development of tools and workflows that improve knowledge about their impact on the environment and on humans.

The main objective of the research group is to contribute to the improvement of the environment through the study of the impact of climate change and anthropic action on it and its influence on food and human health, its consequences and possible solutions, in a line of research that focuses on climate change and includes the “One-Health” concept as an integrated vision of the environment-biota-human being interactions to achieve an effective health of the whole.

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