Group UA4

Multidisciplinary team formed by a core group of marine biologists, biochemists and ecologists, supported by mathematicians, sociologists, economists and lawyers. With extensive experience in the field of marine ecology and the effects of anthropogenic pollutants on marine systems, as well as the modelling of biological and bioeconomic systems, the blue economy and the protection of the marine environment from the legal perspective. One of the main activities of the group is the monitoring of physico-chemical and biological parameters in the area where the field laboratory of the Multidisciplinary Institute for the Study of the Environment “Ramon Margalef” (MarLab UA-Dénia) of the University of Alicante is located. Studies are carried out on plankton -including jellyfish-, emerging pollutants and invasive species, analysis of marine currents or analysis of fishing data and recovery proposals.

Universidad de Alicante


Universidad de Alicante

Research Center

Instituto Multidisciplinar para el Estudio del Medio “Ramón Margalef”