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Universitat Politècnica de València

The research team participating in the ThinkInAzul project is made up of research staff from the Electrochemical Engineering and Corrosion (IEC) group of the Research Institute for Industrial, Radiophysical and Environmental Safetyt (ISIRYM) of the Universitat Politècnica València (UPV).

The research lines of the group include: Development of electrode materials for hydrogen production by water electrolysis; Degradation of organic compounds by advanced oxidation electrochemical processes; Batteries and fuel cells.

The IEC group has been collaborating for some time with research groups from other national and international universities through different projects and participation in networks. Currently it is worth mentioning the participation of the group in the E3TECH Network of Excellence:, awarded in 2016 (Ref: CTQ2015-71650-RDT), renewed in 2018 (Ref: CTQ2017-90659-REDT) and in 2022 (Ref: RED2022-134552-T). The IEC group has also participated and participates in the CYTED Networks: RECMET (Ref: 311RT0438), AQUAMEMTEC (Ref: 318RT0551) and RECIRCULA (Ref: P322RT0106).

In the last 5 years, 90 scientific articles have been published in indexed journals, 80 of them in JCR Q1 journals. Approximately one third of the articles are the result of collaborations with researchers from foreign centers.

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