Group UPV3

Group UPV3

Multidisciplinary team formed by experts in telecommunications, computer science, electronics, environmental sciences and biology. The main objective of the group is to analyze, design and develop any kind of complex communication system for the monitoring and sensing of different environments in coastal and underwater areas. In addition, it includes aspects related to remote sensing through the use of sensors of different nature, sensor networks or image processing or remote sensing techniques applied to the terrestrial and marine environment.

The group seeks to contribute to the research and development of wired and wireless technology in underwater areas and land areas near the sea, as well as to develop low-cost sensors to monitor both aquatic and terrestrial environments, especially in precision agriculture.

Other research areas where activities are being carried out:

– Design of efficient protocols
– Artificial Intelligence
– Software Defined Networks
– Sensors and Systems for e-health
– Algorithms and Protocols to Improve QoE and QoS in Video Streaming Networks


Universitat Politècnica de València

Research Center

Instituto de Investigación para la Gestión Integrada de zonas Costeras (IGIC)