A GVA-Thinkinazul technology among the 100 with the greatest potential of the CSIC

CSIC publishes a catalogue of 100 of its technological developments with greater commercial potential. The President of the institution, Eloísa del Pino, presented the openly accessible catalogue which includes disruptive innovations from a range of different areas of knowledge and aims to contribute to further the development of society. The catalogue lists a hundred innovative and disruptive technologies developed by CSIC, most of which are protected by certificates of intellectual or industrial property rights. They offer a high level of development and readiness and boast advantages over products currently available or under development, thus placing them in an advantageous position to be transferred to firms which have access to the market.

Among the 100 innovations chosen for the catalogue, we can find the technology developed by the CSIC1 Group within the framework of the European projects AQUAEXCEL2020 and AQUAEXCEL3.0, and the ThinkInAzul project itself AE-FISHBIT:A SMART DEVICE FOR MONITORING  FISH HEALTH AND WELFARE.

More information regarding its uses.

Download the complete CSIC catalogue here.


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