LA3: Blue Economy: Innovation and opportunities

The Blue Economy recognizes the importance of the seas and oceans as drivers of the economy due to their great potential for innovation and growth. In this sense, economic activity related to coastal and maritime tourism, sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, marine biotechnology, marine renewable energies, maritime transport and/or digitalization are vital for a sustainable socio-economic development of the coastal regions of Spain participating in this program. In order to create new opportunities related to the Blue Economy, it is necessary to engage the public and private sectors in research, innovation and cooperation actions (networking and clustering) to jointly solve the challenges that comprehensively affect their coastline.

Economía azul: Innovación y oportunidades

Actions in which GVA-ThinkInAzul is involved:

A3.8: Creation of a laboratory for citizen science initiatives and social participation in the development of marine research..

A3.12: Outreach and education to society at large for a sustainable blue economy.

Actuaciones de la Línea 3


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