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The research group IchthyoParasites (UV3-IcPar), belonging to the Universitat de València, includes three permanent professors: J.A. Raga, F.E. Montero and A. Pérez-del-Olmo, two postdoctoral researchers and one predoctoral researcher. Working in marine parasitology since the mid 1980’s, until the consolidation of a research line on fish parasitology, the group has collaborated with different research institutions, as well as numerous national and international organizations and companies.

The UV-IcP group is currently a consolidated research group of the GVA, AICO/2021/279 (previously, GR00-04, GR01-2, GR02-122, GR03-122, Prometeo/2011/040 and PrometeoII/2015/018), obtaining the Research and Development Awards in the XII Edition of the University-Society Awards of the Social Council of the University of Valencia (2005) and for Applied Research in the III Biodiversity and Society Awards of the Conselleria d’Agricultura, Medi Ambient, Canvi Climàtic i Desenvolupament Rural, GVA (2016).

With a large number of JCR publications (342 articles + 31 books), doctoral theses (28), numerous competitive research projects and R+D+i contracts, this group has developed the following research lines: ecology and diversity of aquaculture and fisheries parasites; diagnosis and phylogeny; pathology, control; life cycles; biological markers ; global change and zoonotic risks.

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