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Carmen Amaro, professor of microbiology, is the leader of the group. According to SCOPUS, she is the first author worldwide in vibriosis and the third in Vibrio vulnificus, being a consultant in both topics for WHO/FAO. She has participated as PI in more than 30 publicly funded R&D projects and in more than 15 industrial projects. Belén Fouz co-leads the Thinkinazul project with Carmen. She is a specialist in fish pathogens and is responsible for the applied research of the group, having led more than 30 national and international industrial projects. Rubén Salvador is the postdoctoral researcher of the group. He is responsible for the laboratory and is in charge of supervising the tasks of the trainee researchers. He also conducts his own research. The current predoctoral students are Héctor Carmona (FPI fellow), Carla Molina (FDEGENT fellow), Arnau Pérez (ACIF fellow) and Javier Barriga (FPI fellow). The group also includes two researchers in training from the INVESTIGO program (Pablo Ibáñez and Sofía López) and two research support technicians, Moisés Bogarín and Isis Gastaldo. Finally, the group also includes two external researchers, Eva Sanjuán, assistant professor at the University of La Laguna, and Carla Hernández-Cabanyero, researcher at the University of Lausanne.

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