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The launch of the Center for Research in Robotics and Underwater Technologies of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón creates new opportunities to solve needs in a wide range of areas, such as archeology, marine biology, oceanography, aquaculture, gas exploitation or offshore oil platforms.

The 480 cubic meter water tank (half the size of an Olympic-size swimming pool) is located on the Riu Sec campus in a 612 square meter, 8.35 meter high industrial building.

Concurrent areas with universities in the Valencian Community include areas such as artificial intelligence, underwater robotics and robotics in other hostile environments, robotics for industry, aquaculture, purification and storage of drinking water and wireless underwater telecommunications for data transfer.

In addition, there are specialized research centers such as the Torre de la Sal Aquaculture Institute of the Spanish National Research Council and active member of CIRTESU, the Information and Communications Technology Institute, the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research or the Valencian Cartographic Institute, with which different lines of research are shared.

In the business sector, there are two relevant sectors in the territory and especially linked to CIRTESU: aquaculture and water, without forgetting that there are other scenarios with future projection such as surveillance and maintenance of port facilities.

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Universitat Jaume I