Group UA7

University of Alicante

We are an interdisciplinary team combining experts in mathematics, oceanographic physics and marine ecology and marine pollution.

Dr. Isabel Vigo (IP1), Ph.D. in Mathematics, is an expert in Satellite Geodesy for the study of the ocean. Dr. Cesar Bordehore (IP2), Ph.D. in Marine Ecology, is a specialist in the ecology of gelatinous organisms, marine communities, protection and management of marine natural resources and mathematical modeling using dynamical systems.

In addition, we have other team members with PhDs in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics. Together, we have extensive experience in marine research, addressing aspects such as ocean modeling, sea level studies, mass variations, and ocean circulation, as well as aspects related to fisheries biology, pollution or species protection. We also have important contributions in the development of mathematical and statistical methods for data analysis, filtering techniques and error estimation.

Together we want to understand marine circulation, to improve the knowledge of the movement of species in their planktonic stages (supply side ecology) fundamental for the design of marine protected areas, to better understand the dispersion of pollutants in the marine environment, especially in relation to nutrient discharges, using mathematical tools and models to predict and understand changes in marine ecosystems. Our main objective is to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the oceans, their importance in the context of climate change and the conservation of the marine environment.

Through our multidisciplinary research, we hope to provide innovative solutions and promote the conservation and sustainability of marine ecosystems.

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