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The Electrocatalysis and Polymer Electrochemistry Group (GEPE) of the University of Alicante belongs to the  University Materials Institute of Alicante (IUMA). The group has extensive experience in the development of electrochemical applications for power generation and the development of chemical sensors. In this last line, methodologies have been implemented to immobilize enzymes in hybrid silica matrices applied to the design of electrochemical biosensors. These matrices functionalized with conductive polymers have been used to encapsulate proteins that serve as biotransducers for the development of third generation electrochemical biosensors. The sensors developed allow the determination of metabolites (glucose, ascorbic acid, uric acid, neurotransmitters) relevant in clinical diagnosis, as well as in the detection of contaminants that inhibit hydrolase enzymes (heavy metals, toxins, biocides, etc.). For this research the group has its own marine aquarium with a capacity of 1200 L, with four experimental substations.

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