Group UA1

The research team, formed by members of the Department of Marine Sciences and Applied Biology of the University of Alicante, has more than 20 years of experience in the study of environmental and socio-economic interactions of open sea aquaculture. We have worked on multiple aspects such as: influence of facilities on the fish community, benthos and plankton, impacts of escaped fish, alien species, ecosystem services, site selection, carrying capacity and environmental monitoring. Our research focus is on detecting and quantifying environmental dislocations that can be solved with applied science, as well as studying future scenarios of global change to increase the resilience of aquaculture. Within ThinkinAzul we want to contribute our expertise to grow aquaculture in an orderly, socio-environmentally sustainable way and ready to face the challenges of global change.


Universidad de Alicante

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Departamento de Ciencias del Mar y Biología Aplicada