Group CSIC2

Spanish National Research Council

Our group has extensive experience and knowledge in the study of fish reproduction, with a central line of research dedicated to the molecular, cellular and physiological bases of the reproductive process. During decades we have developed multiple biotechnological, molecular, genetic, cellular, immunological, and zootechnical tools for culture, with application to the control and manipulation of marine fish reproduction in culture, mainly in sea bass and sole. Both species are relevant for Spanish and European aquaculture and represent two different biological and economic models that are contemplated in this project.

We have focused on processes such as precocious puberty and the initial stages of gametogenesis in sea bass, focusing on the role of gonadotrophins and sex steroids as key elements in their control, and on the participation of gonadal factors of paracrine/autocrine action. The group also carries out studies related to the role of environmental factors such as photoperiod and temperature on the onset of puberty and the control of the reproductive cycle, with the search for the genetic basis of sexual maturity, or with the evaluation of sustainable feeds for breeders that ensure a good quality of gametes and progeny.

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Research Center

Instituto de Acuicultura Torre la Sal


Fisiología de la reproducción de peces